An Unexpected Moment of Happiness Both Ways

As a company we prioritize putting time, energy, money and pops (obviously) into Unexpected Moments of Happiness. In July, some of our Neighborhood Partners collaborated with a non-profit to pull off an UMOH for hundreds of families. Here's a note from our Neighborhood Partners in Marietta, Alex + Liz:

Every summer, MUST Ministries serves lunch to kids across Metro Atlanta who rely on school-provided meals throughout the year. They partner with other local organizations to hand out thousands of lunches through their Summer Lunch Program.

When we initially reached out to MUST Ministries in April about being a part of their Summer Lunch for this year, we knew that we could have a huge impact on others. 

Little did we know the impact it would have on us.

As Neighborhood Partners, we really focus on the opportunity we get to bring Unexpected Moments of Happiness (UMOHs) to others through King of Pops. Handing out pops to thousands of kids is a huge undertaking, and we enlisted the help of other partners who latched onto the idea of loving on these kids and their families.

When we arrived at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church to serve the Austell community, we were blown away by the generosity of the volunteers who gave their time and energy to the operation. Everyone participating in this event came in with a mission to spark joy in others. It was heartwarming to see them open the morning in prayer alongside our daughter, Collins, as they sought to bring hope to these families through something as simple, and necessary, as a meal. Our favorite part was seeing the kids’ faces light up when they pulled up and saw the rainbow umbrella; they knew they were getting something special.

The 90-degree heat made it all the more exciting to receive a tasty, unexpected treat.

At the end of the day, King of Pops donated over 1,000 pops to bring smiles to the faces of metro-area kids. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our other Atlanta Neighborhood Partners. We want to also thank Cheryl at MUST for giving us the opportunity and for coordinating with us. We cannot wait for next year!

Alex & Liz Roberts, @kop_marietta