Community Rally for Black Lives

The need to be firmly and vocally anti-racist is not a new one; however, the murder of George Floyd demanded we look at how we (as people and as a company) can do better both now and indefinitely

When it came down to it, we knew that we had a few resources that we could leverage immediately: we had a large community, a HQ in Atlanta near the protests, a passionate team, and a lot of pops.

We also had a clear group of favorite customers: kids.

So we quickly connected with some friends who were doing amazing work in our city, and we decide to host A Kid-Friendly Community Rally for Black Lives. 

Hundreds of families came out, and we witnessed that while children are always listening, they also have a lot to say. 

"This event was a major step forward. It proved that we could all come together and that we all have the same goals. We want a world full of peace, love and an environment that is best for our family and friends. Let love lead us forward," speakers Jeniece & Thomas shared with us after the event. 

"I still can’t believe we sold out of all four flavors! That joy can’t compare to what I felt watching families come together to fight for equality. We are truly thankful to have been a part of this amazing event," The Cupcake Dealer Jalisa Joseph shared.